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Discover the Wonders of Life in The Woodlands, TX: Compelling Reasons to Buy Your Home

The Woodlands

To live in North Houston is to have achieved the ideal place, but to live in The Woodlands TX is to have reached the highest goal. There are many aspects to study, from its excellent lifestyle to being privileged to live in one of the quietest cities in America.

Today I want to share with you the 10 Reasons to live in The Woodlands Texas

1. It is the number 1 city to live in America
According to a ranking recently published on Niche, a ranking and review site for American cities.

The Woodlands, a small 28,000-acre city half an hour from Houston, ranked as the best city to live in America, according to the Niche poll combining data from the census, crime, employment statistics, health conditions, as well as the housing market, public schools and walkability, among other things. And, The Woodlands earned several A+’s, such as quality of public schools, family-oriented environment, and jobs.

2. Landscaping and nature

Its greatest pride is its nature: nearly 8,000 of its 28,800 acres (a record 28%) remain open space. The city has 148 parks and 22 miles of walking trails, earning an A for good outdoor activity conditions. That same rating was given to the quality of housing and diversity it offers. Additionally, its environment for supporting wellness and exercise earned it an A.

3. Recreational Activities

The Woodlands is characterized by a city with many parks, for all ages, with different layouts for the little ones, tennis and basketball courts for the older ones. They also have Rob Fleming Park and many more parks.

4. Business area
The city indicates that it was established in 1974, in its 24 million square feet of space there are offices, shops, restaurants and hotels, it has almost 2,200 employers. Likewise, it is located 30 minutes from Houston and 25 minutes from George Bush International Airport.

5. Entertainment

Everything you want you will have here from a diversity of parks surrounded by forests and landscaping, sports, cycling, athletics, kayaking, fishing, outdoor activities. It also has The Band Shell – a beautiful setting for the series of concerts and public events, The Ice Skating Rink at The Woodlands Town Center, The Central Park – one of the most popular parks in The Woodlands, Waterway Square with a mini concert stage, with a splash pad and the front steps of many restaurants.

6. Exclusive Stores.

In this city you will find a family atmosphere in The Woodlands mall to exclusive shops in the market Street accompanied by a play area, seats, tables and chairs, restaurants at each end This is where you can find the beautifully lit giant Christmas tree!

7. Excellent Restaurants

Did someone say variety? Choose from over 200 restaurants for family dinners and nights out. Whether you want to grab a bite at your favorite chain or check out some local talent, you won’t be disappointed.

8. Safety and Comfort

This city is characterized by a family lifestyle where the neighbors do sports activities all day and you can be safe anywhere, since the crime rate is very low and this allows its inhabitants to be calm and can live freely without limitations.

9. Great schools

It has more than 30 public and private schools and these have excellent ratings such as The Woodlands High School, College Park High School and Creekside Forest Elementary, classified by Niche with A Plus.

10. The Second City to Buy a House in America

According to Niche, this rating takes into account key factors in a location’s real estate market, including home values, taxes, crime rates, and the quality of local schools, in an attempt to gauge the quality and stability of the real estate market in an area

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